The Old Guard

Here’s a nice accounting of the beers that helped kick off the craft beer revolution in America.

Some of these I have had already, Sierra Nevada, Dogfishhead, Alaskan, and others. More than I would’ve thought! It wouldn’t take too much for me to round out this list. I should make it a point to drink all of these. For science, of course!

2 thoughts on “The Old Guard”

  1. I don’t disagree with a lot of the list… but I don’t see how they can lump 1965 (Anchor) and 2010 (Zombie Dust) on the same list and call them both “pioneers”. Everything else on the list dates to the 80’s. They mention that it does pre-date the haze craze and now the pastry IPA faze, so maybe that’s the thought process? It was one of the first “line up and buy 4 cases and trade them” beer.

    1. Certainly could be-and it would make sense.

      The list also only, as far as I can tell, lists breweries that are still active, which on one hand makes sense, and on another clearly neglects the history.

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