Send Us (some of) Your Beers, Canada, pt 2

Driftwood Cry Me A River Gose

OK, let’s wrap up my lovely visit to Canada starting with….

Driftwood Brewery-Cry Me A River Gose: This is a little bit like an alcoholic grapefruit soda. That isn’t a criticism, though: this gose is very light, even the nose is only vaguely suggestive of the tartness. It’s incredibly quaffable though and I think would be not only a great beer to drink on your porch but one that would go very well with heartier food. The tartness isn’t strong enough to blow out your taste buds, but it would totally cut through some fattier cuts of meat and clear your palate.

Plus, that label is an absolute winner. 10/10 there.

Fuggles & Warlock-the Last Strawberry-strawberry wit. The strawberry comes off really strong when I open the bottle but it’s settled out by the time I pour it into the glass. Faint but similar to a strawberry flower, the nose holds a little of the saison spice, too. As for drinking: well, the flavors deliver on the nose: it’s got a ripe strawberry flavor with just a little saison and, if this was July, would be one of my go to drinks. As it stands, it’s just a tasty beverage that I’m happy to come back to.

Category 12 Brewing-Simplicity blond ale: The beer is a crime and someone should pay for it. The nose is stale, like grain that has been left out too long and any flavors are obliterated by a finish that is as dirty as peanuts you’d find on the freeway.

Riot-Working Class Hero dark mildRiot Brewing-Working Class Hero, Dark Mild ale: the nose is stingy with it’s scents of coffee and chocolate but they are there. But the flavors are really nice. Nothing too strong- this beer is easy drinking and a little sweet on the finish. It’s a solid beer and one that you might find yourself drinking a lot of without noticing. Which is ok, because at 3.8%, you’re going to be fine.

Micro Le Casor-Farmhouse Houblon; this has got that farmhouse, horseblanket note that I’d expect from the style but also something metallic in the nose, too. It’s fairly light, thankfully and I don’t pick up any metal in the finish. Lemony, just shy of soapy but an OK beer I’d say.

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