Whatever You Say 37/Second Pint TAC

Crooked Stave: Nightmare On BrettIt is another fortunate week for me, as I have a friend visiting from out of town and I get to take his recommendation.

His choice: Crooked Stave’s Nightmare on Brett, a sour ale with a raspberry base, aged in whiskey barrels. This ale is not too sour, raspberry in the nose, blackberry flavors in the sour, but the whiskey is not there at all. I found this to be surprisingly drinkable, which was great. My friend tends to enjoy really sour ales and I just don’t have the stomach for them, so it’s cool that this worked out.

It was especially nice to come to Bailey’s, since it was one of his favorite places when he lived here. That’s certainly one of the things I enjoy about going back to Spokane, though most of the places I used to go aren’t there now, or, truth be told, fitted me at that place and time and I’ve been gone for twenty one years.

I wouldn’t mind if for a few months, this entire series became about visiting with people I don’t get to visit with often. I know I’m doing this in part to try and reach out in a world that seems like it’s becoming very closed in and scarier than before but getting to visit with friends is still the best.

Today’s second pint goes to the Treatment Advocacy Center.

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