Common Ales: Bridgeport Rose IPA

Bridgeport Rose IPAI bought this beer in the middle of summer and liked it so much, I bought it again so I could write about it for the blog.

The color on the Rose IPA is just fantastic. A lovely shade of pink, evoking the wine it’s named from.

They didn’t shy away from the hibiscus, either; the nose is very floral but it isn’t citrusy or piney in the way of most hops. It also isn’t overpowering, which is nice.

Which is something that can be said about this Rose IPA at large: it’s fairly subtle and pretty easy to drink.

The can says they use hops in this but the finish is pretty floral too, and dry to boot. Again; a homage to a refreshing glass of wine. That’s pretty cool, I think and I definitely would recommend it.

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