Whatever You Say 34\Second Pint Spread the Vote

Pfriem IPA“Oh, I just got the Pfriem (IPA),” he says, “but I’ve also had the Chuckanut and that was really good…” He trails off looking at the menu.

“Yeah, I’ve had Chuckanut’s stuff before; it’s typically excellent.”

“And I had the Anchorage…which, we used to get a lot-”

It is at this point that I realize I’m talking to a (former?) bartender from Bailey’s. I’ve come to the Upper Lip because one of their employees is moving down to California and they’re celebrating his last day. Which is as good an excuse as any to come down to write.

But it’s crowded and we’re in line, which is why I’m getting a recommendation while I can. The former bartender continues:

“-in the bottle and it was amazing. But the availability dried up and I haven’t seen any in while, so to see it on draft was pretty cool….It’s not as good on draft as it is in the bottle but it’s still worth drinking.”

So maybe I know what my second ale is.

But this one is the Pfriem and the nose is a nice whiff of pine. The finish, though, has a dish soap quality that makes it a lot less pleasant. And in between? Lemon. So it’s not very balanced and the finish is not for me. Which, while a bummer, isn’t a surprise. Pfriem is a brewery that everyone else seems to love and doesn’t click with me. I don’t understand why, exactly, I just know that people rave about them but when I try the beers I go ‘meh’.

Makes me feel like I’m missing out. Nobody wants to miss out.

The employees have gathered nearby, having their own mini celebration amongst the larger one. It’s a bit like looking into the past, having sat across the bar from most of those men and women over the past ten years. Quips and beverages traded, it’s a touch heartwarming to see them having a good time.

I suppose that is the best legacy most of us can ask for: that people will miss us when we’re gone and wish us well into the next voyage.

As legacies go, that’s not bad.

Today’s second pint goes to Spread The Vote.

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