5 for 5*

A buddy sent me this op-ed that outlines five things that she wishes every bar should do.

While I’m behind every single one of those points, the fifth one is the most difficult to do in a city that doesn’t have a beer scene like Portland, Oregon. While local craft breweries have grown in the US to the place where we now exceed the number that we had before Prohibition, that doesn’t automatically mean that every city is full of glorious choices.

Plus, in those smaller scenes, relationships matter a great deal, so it’s not always wise to cut someone off just because you’re not fond of their product. Especially when others really dig it. By way of example, I think of No-Li in Spokane, whose beers I am not a fan of. But people know the brewery and it sells, even in Portland; is it really a good idea to cut them off?

One thought on “5 for 5*”

  1. Number 4 is huge. When I was in Montreal every place I went had two options Pint/Pinte (20oz) and Verre (glass) which varied from 8-14oz depending on the bar and the style, but it was a good way to try things. Start with a pint of the pilsner and then have a small glass of the barrel aged stout.

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