Velvet Elvis Amber

Homebrew amber aleI have to say, I think the amber ale project is coming along pretty well.

The malt shows up in the nose-velvety in its smoothness.The scents reside someplace between chocolate and caramel, a little toasty and a little sweet. Under that is a little yeasty quality, not enough to disrupt things but definitely there.

And it’s damn drinkable. Quaffable (which is a word that I love): I set this beer down and I already want to pick it up again. It’s not hop forward at all, which is proper to me and the sweeter flavors aren’t cloying either. The effervescence on the finish helps…and maybe there’s a hint of hop bitterness to keep it all in line.

This one is a winner.

Brew date: 4/22

5 lb pale
.75 lb biscuit, caramunich, and Munich malts
.5 carapils
.25 roasted barley

Fermentables: 5 lb Extra Light Malt Extract

.75 oz Loral, .66 oz US Fuggle @60
.25 oz Loral, .33 oz US Fuggle @5

Extras: 1/2 tsp Irish Moss@ 5

Yeast: Imperial Flagship

OG: 1.074

FG: 1.014

Bottled 5.20

ABV: 8.1%

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