Spokane Pt 4 (2018)

Hop Project Hop Freshener seriesLast one I promise!

Port Brewing Co, The Hop Concept-Hop Freshener series: the logo resembling a car freshener is maybe a little too spot on as a choice. The nose is strong with lemon and cleanser. Subsequent sniffs on the Freshener give me a little sweetness but I’m still dubious to taste it. But the beer is OK. The bitterness isn’t overwhelming and the beer is pretty drinkable, all things considered. The lemon flavor isn’t too intense, there is a little grassy quality to help give the beer some depth as well. I have to say, it improves as it warms up, too. Not bad at all.

Orlison- Boulder Garden Brown Ale: Chocolate milk mix nose; sweet, but not lactic at all. The beer is a bit more roasted than I would expect; it finishes very dry, too. There isn’t much sweet about the flavors, which isn’t a bad thing. It gives this beer a bit more to chew on and support to stand up to bigger flavors. I can see this working with some spicy dishes really easily.

Laughing Dog-Devil Dog DIPA: The hops aren’t too strong in the nose, but it’s got that slight gasoline element that says that this beer packs a punch. There’s a strong lemony flavor to this beer, and I find myself checking to see if it’s been barrel aged at all, just in case. It’s certainly strong enough to make me forget that I’m in Idaho, if I was in Idaho. The finishing bitterness leans into pine flavors and while I wish this beer had more of a nose to it, I think I am recommending it.

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