A Pale Blue Dream Of Me

pale ale with marijuanaJeeze the head on this! I might have to start asking for advice if this massive carbonation keeps up. Maybe I shouldn’t use any bottling sugar at all.

The nose from this is a wrestling match between the marijuana and the yeast.  A little malt in there, but I get that bready quality from yeast more than I get malty-breadiness. Think sourdough vs wheat.

The flavor is different. It’s a little marijuana-veggie and finishes dry. It’s not sweet at all: the malt character is practically nonexistent. Practically, but not entirely. There is just enough sweetness to this beer to keep it from being one dimensional.

What I’m discovering is that these beers are difficult because of the marijuana flavor. It’s so strong that it’s very difficult to throw anything out there that will stand up to it.

Brew date: 3.23.18

Steeping Grains
1 lb Carapils
2 lb 2 row
1 lb C 30
1 lb Vienna
2 lb Golden Promise
1 lb Victory
Fermentables: 5 lb ExLME

1 oz El Dorado, .75 oz Idaho, 2 oz The Hog (mj) @60
1 oz The Hog, .25 oz Idaho, .5 oz Medusa @30
.75 oz Medusa @ 5

1/4 tsp Irish Moss @5 (for clarity)
1/4 tsp Gypsum pre boil (water treatment)

Yeast: Imperial Joystick (final use)

OG: 1.07

FG: 1.016

Secondary 4/27, 1oz El Dorado added

Bottled 4/29

ABV: 7.3

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