Whatever You Say 31\Second Pint Environment Oregon

Sunriver DIPAWhen I ask him what he’s drinking, he blanks. I can tell by the look in his eyes that I have just asked him something he was never prepared to answer. The full chalice in front of him does nothing to remind him what he has, so it’s the bartender who helpfully supplies the information: Sunriver’s 6th Anniversary DIPA.

One nice thing about coming back to Bailey’s: The bartenders recognize me and seem to know what I’m up to.

There are five hops in the DIPA and it shows; the nose is all grassy citrus and the finish is a punch up of bitterness with a swirl of lemon zest to keep it from being one dimensional.

But it skips any midrange. There’s nothing malty to hook on to. Which is what I tell the fellow when he asks me what I think. He’s more fond of the beer, thinks it’s pretty good and I believe it could be just a little better.

In the meantime, his companion is asking about where to get brunch tomorrow and well…Portland doesn’t mess around when it comes to brunch. You either want to get up super early and be there when the place opens, or just skip it and do lunch. But some solid suggestions are offered and we all go about the evening.

I seem to run into tourists frequently these days-I suppose Summer really is upon us.

Today’s second pint goes to Environment Oregon.

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