Whatever You Say 22\Second Pint No Kid Hungry

Adaptability is one of the keys to humanity’s success. I’ve thought so for quite awhile now and today is no exception. I had planned on hitting Great Notion, because I was going to be in the area due to an afternoon tea date. And since I hate tea (unless I am sick) I figured that the easy way to counteract that would be with beer.

That’s how it works.

Culmination Captive Audience aleBut the date cancelled so I was left to my own devices, which were not all that clever, to be honest. Then a friend pinged me and asked if I was free to meet up and play Magic, so here I am at Culmination drinking their Captive Audience, a red ale aged in rum barrels. (He got one in his sampler tray so I figure I’m still on theme).

It’s pretty good; malt forward, lots of caramel, with a bit of spice from the rum to finish it off. The spice becomes more pronounced as the ale warms but all in all it’s a sneaky ale; a 10%er that I could easily drink more of…

My friend is going to leave soon: his career path takes him away from Portland and that is a real loss for me. There aren’t all that many beer geek-metalhead-Magic players in the world and from those, fewer still whom I get along with.

But I am happy for him; he is newly married and on a big new adventure! How could I not be pleased?

So I take this opportunity to tell him that.

‘You know, I was at a wedding last weekend in Arizona,’ he replies, ‘and that was one of the things that stood out: That we had a chance to tell each other we cared, because we generally don’t do that, but we did, then.’

And we agreed it was good to say these things, whenever the chance arose.

Today’s second pint goes to No Kid Hungry.

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