Whatever You Say 20\Second Pint Humane Society

As a general rule, I am not a fan of McMenamins’ ales. I avoid their pubs because my opinion is, their best beers are the ‘one ofs’ or seasonals that they do, which can be excellent or just OK. Their main line of beers I find to be dull and sometimes outright displeasing.

Nevertheless, I found myself with a pint of their Hammerhead IPA in hand and here’s why: tradition.

Whenever one of the big tentpole movies come out, in this instance, Avengers: Infinity War, an old friend and I go see it. I take the day off, as he works nights, and we hit an early show to avoid the crowdiest of crowds. Whomever gets the tickets is rewarded with a beer.

And I bought the tickets, so my friend brought back a pitcher of Hammerhead to the table, since we are at the Bagdad theater.

McMenamins Hammerhead IPAThe nose is inoffensively floral and evaporates so quickly that by my third sip I can’t even tell it was hopped. The beer itself is unmemorable, not very bitter, not very viscous, not very anything. It’s what a macro beer company would produce: A beer that would appeal to everyone and thus carries no identity of its own.

However, this is a good time to remember that it isn’t about the beer. It’s about doing something with my friend. I have many, many ways to experience stories by myself: I play videogames, I read, I occasionally watch TV and these are things I generally do alone.

Movies are something that I can do with someone, so I often don’t go to them alone. Not because I have issues with doing something alone but because I already have the “doing things alone” part covered.

I’m here with this friend drinking this beer so we can watch Infinity War and then go geek out about it later over another beer. The Hammerhead may be dull, but my time here certainly never is.

And the movie is pretty astounding, if you’ve into what the Marvel universe has been creating. Check it out.

Today’s second pint goes to the Oregon Humane Society.

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