Common Ales: New Belgium Dayblazer

New Belgium Dayblazer aleI hate it when breweries let marketing override what something actually is. There is no such style as ‘easygoing’. That’s how you describe a horse. not a beer.

So what I’ve got is a yeasty, raw dough nose. So…a lager? This beer is both sweet and with a sparkly finish. This isn’t a lager, though; or at least it’s not as clean as I would expect a lager to be, and definitely sweeter than one. I suppose it would be a cream ale, but that sweetness…

That’s the quality that’s throwing me off: what does this beer want to be? I don’t know and I’m not sure the parts come together to make more than the whole. Is it easy to drink, as promised? Yes. Is it something I want more of? Not so much.

The sweetness doesn’t mesh well with that raw dough nose-a scent that has a touch of sourness to it. The finish wipes it all away but there isn’t an element of hoppiness to give me any contrast.

For a one note beer that I only have to drink one of, I’m good with it. But a second? I’d move on.

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