Whatever I Say/Second Pint LTT

On my birthday, I can have what I want; I’ve used this excuse before and undoubtedly will again…and why look: There’s the Old World Lager from Matchless. “Czech Pils,” the bartender says “Basically Pilsner Urquell.” Let’s have that.

Matchless Old World LagerThis is damn fine. A bit of raw bread on the nose and actual hop bitterness on the finish. I get why people dig this style, as it’s quite refreshing and on a day where you might be spending some time in the pub talking to your friends, you can have a few without ruining your day or your tomorrow.

As is also tradition on my birthday, I’m going to get a little self indulgent; I appreciate everyone’s willingness to let this pass. This year, let me tell you about the most recent lesson I’ve learned.

At the 2018 Oregon Beer Awards judging event, I was a steward-essentially, I ran around helping organize, pour and serve beer. I was working mostly behind the scenes and midway through day two, I asked a man-another steward- to help me dump out a waste bucket of beer.

The dude had crossed out his name on his badge and written ‘T-bone’ and maybe that should’ve been a flag right there. When I approached him for help, he’d just finished saying how he was ‘almost starting to get used to pouring out beer’; he’d been drinking the leftovers to try and prevent waste, he claimed.

“So can you help me pour this out?”


I’d already started crouching down to pick up the bucket when he replied so, flabbergasted, I looked up at him and asked again. “C’mon, man. Help me out.”

“No,” he replied, all encouragement, “You can totally do it.” Which might’ve technically been true, but I didn’t want to haul a bucket of heavy liquid by myself.

“Look, man,” I said, straightening up, “are you going to help me or not?”


“I’ll help,” an older woman stepped in, before I reached a point where I was going to lose my shit.

We pour out the bucket, I reported ‘T-bone’ to my supervisor and went about my day.

On the way home, my car full of the spoils from serving, I reflected on the event. I’d made some mistakes, heck, mistakes are part of the gig, but I hadn’t created a problem. I fessed up to my mistakes, done my best to make things right and everyone had been OK with it.

T-bone hadn’t made a mistake; he’d just created a problem. I then started thinking about the times when I’d been the one causing problems and how it might’ve felt to the person on the other end who may have just been asking for my help. And that isn’t who I want to be.

I want to try and be unafraid of making mistakes, and aware enough to avoid creating problems.

Today’s second pint goes to Live Through This; disclaimer, I know the person who runs that.

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