Q&D Pale

Something isn’t quite right about this beer. A bit sweet in the nose, similar to still fermenting yeast, which is not what I wanted. I made this during a crunch week, where I wasn’t going to have much time but I hoped by making a simple recipe that would offset my lack of time.

The beer is…mostly drinkable but there is absolutely an off note-it’s too sweet and then sparkly from the over carbonation and then there’s a hop bitterness on the finish but none of it comes together very well.

Q&D pale aleI suppose I just rushed my process too much on this one. It doesn’t seem infected but it doesn’t taste finished, either. I’m not sure if I needed to give this more time fermenting, or if it would’ve been OK if I had just restrained myself on the bottling sugars.

Brew date: 11/19/17

Steeping grains:
2 lb C 30
1 lb Eureka

Fermentables: 7 lb LME

.75 oz US Magnum, .5 oz Simcoe @60
.5 oz Simcoe, .25 oz Magnum @ 5

Yeast: Imperial Joystick

OG: 1.07

FG: 1.014

Secondary on 12/6
Bottled 12/17

ABV: 7.6%

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