Shades of Summer

Chamomile AleI finally got to my annual chamomile wheat ale, although late in the year, and have been delightfully pleased by the results.

The chamomile is in the nose and it’s not shy at all. It arrives with a pleasantly dense head on the beer that lasts a bit longer than I would’ve suspected. This helps keep the scents coming, which is great.

The flavor is where it’s at, though. The tea is once again pretty prominent, but the belgian yeast note gives it a strong spicy flavor on the finish, so there isn’t just an herbal dose of flavor, but some pleasant complexities.

Buffering that finish is a sweetness: the wheat malt provides both the haze and enough density that this beer doesn’t fall too lightly on the tongue nor get one dimensional with it’s herbal qualities. I definitely have to give this a go again-but in the summertime. It’s going to be about perfect for that.

Once again, I forgot to write down my finishing gravity. Ugh. I need to install some kind of reminder mechanism so I’m less likely to do that. Still, here’s what I did recall:

Brew date: 11/5/17

Steeping grains
5 lb Wickiup wheat
2 lb Shaniko winter wheat
1 lb carapils

Fermentables: 4 lb ExLME

1.5 oz N Brewer @ 60
.5 oz N Brewer @5
1.80 oz chamomile tea @flameout

Yeast: Imperial Monastic, third use.

Bottled: 12/3/17


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