Whatever You Say 11\Second Pint United for Puerto Rico

Pilot's Pale aleA Pilot’s Pale at the Rogue Eastside. I still want to call this place the Green Dragon, which was a better name for every reason I can think of but…the future is upon us and I should accept it. Plus, they still have lotsa beer, including this aforementioned Pilot’s Pale.

The nose is really nice, with a hit of grapefruit to it. The midrange is a bit odd, though; the mouthfeel teetering on thin, held back with just a little malt biscuit quality to it. It’s the finish, though, that really surprises me: It’s not very bitter but it is VERY effervescent. The combination gives this beer a peppery quality that I’m not expecting in the least. I’m not entirely sure it’s for me.

However, the fellow next to me totally digs it. He’d recommended it with some enthusiasm and we talk a bit about it afterward.

“I’m just going more for the pales these days,” he says, “unless you have a really good NE, hazy IPA.”

“I’m just dodging grapefruit flavors. Every IPA I’ve had over the past two years seems to want to add grapefruit notes,” I reply.

He chuckles, “I’m going for PBR again.”

His friend mockingly chides, “Better not say that in here,” and we all laugh.

“Actually,” I say, “If it’s hot out…”

The friend fills in, “Beer for every time, right? I’ll have a Rainier if it’s hot-and it’s so good.”

“Oh, have you had the Rainier/Rubens collaboration? It’s really good,” I say.

They haven’t, so I tell them to keep an eye out for it.

Today’s second pint goes United for Puerto Rico.

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