Whatever You Say 10\Second Pint NYRR

Order of Hermes aleAt the newly opened Modern Times Fermentorium, formerly the Common’s old space, having Order of Hermes-a Berliner with heavy fruit influence (pineapple, passion fruit, dragon fruit) and it is pleasantly tart, leaning heavily into the tropical almost-ripe-fruit flavors. It looks amazing, that’s for sure; like guava juice, my friend says.

I get this on the recommendation of a gentleman on my left, who says it was his favorite among the choices he had from a sampler tray earlier that evening. His hair is slicked back and he’s definitely got hipster-casual as his style guideline, but that isn’t meant to denigrate him. Dude looks good, he’s just not like me-which is the point of going out to drink with strangers! So I’m calling it a success.

While I don’t think the Order of Hermes would be my favorite, it’s a damn good beer, if the kind that would improve on a hot day and suffers a little during the winter. Tart drinks are more refreshing for me when it’s hot out.

Modern Times has done a lot with many little touches to create a newer space out of the Common’s old brewery. Wallpaper made from indie comics cover the wood, a massive paper mache floats in the air, a homage to the wrestler Macho Man in golden and pink, covered in shiny foil, the feet dangling down so far I could reach up and touch them.

It’s more crowded now than it ever felt, in every sense. The back seems to have more tanks and kegs and brewing equipment than it used to, the front filled with people excited about a new thing.

It’s hard not to miss the Commons a little more in the face of such crowds. Sure, the old place didn’t have foosball and you couldn’t sit on the rail but…

I have to stop myself. I’ve celebrated what the Commons did and I hope to do so again. This is the new shit, as the song says, and the beer here is pretty damn good. If people want to make it a hip joint, let ’em.

Today’s second pint goes towards a friend running for the New York Road Runners youth programs. But if that’s not your jam, you can just donate directly to the NYRR.

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