Whatever You Say 8\Second Pint United We Dream

I casually insert myself into the conversation of the three people on my left, when the fellow closest to me orders Russian River’s Blind Pig. “It’s good, but it’s so expensive!” His friend on the far side says. “But I suppose it’s not any different than the Revision.”

“Is that what you got?” I ask.

“Yeah. It’s pretty good.”

Revision Jewel Box IPASo I get Revision’s Jewel Box IPA. And I am in disagreement with him-though I don’t know it right away. I’m promptly diverted by the woman on my right, who is draining Upright’s Eye of Jupiter, a Biere de Garde. She’s a bartender enjoying a post shift beer: I tell her I almost asked her what she was drinking but I didn’t want to interrupt her solitude.

“Oh it’s fine,” she replies, “I’m a bartender so my people skills are pretty honed.”

“Even so,” I say, “I didn’t want to interrupt, ’cause a lady should be allowed to have a drink without someone pestering her.”

She laughs and then talks up her beer to the point where she’s asking one of the servers to pour me a taste of the Eye of Jupiter.

The Biere de Garde is pretty good; tart but not too intense and drinkable for me in small doses. I thank her for arranging the taste, she finishes her ale and leaves; I stay and keep writing.

Unfortunately, I’m left with a pint of the Revision Jewel Box which has a grapefruit and medicinal note to the nose. Already, I’m disinclined to drink this. This beer is spiky, with nothing in the middle and a harsh grapefruit punch at the end. I’m just not happy about it.

But the quote of the evening does go to one of the three people on my left:

“There are only so many double IPAs you can have in a night before you’re, you know, pissing on the Christmas tree.”

Today’s second pint goes to United We Dream.

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