Whatever You Say 6\Second Pint Donate Ayuda

 27802699729_680364c0bb_cThere was no space on the rail when I went to dear at Bridgetown Beerhouse, as everyone had crowded up to watch the football game. So I didn’t get to sit down and chat with the bloke who was drinking the Pfriem CDA-as was his buddy-but I thanked him all the same and let them alone to enjoy their beer.

This CDA has a strong pine nose, with the barest whiff of coffee underneath it. I take this as a good sign, as most CDAs forget that they are only supposed to look like porters but not taste like them.
I am not disappointed. This beer has the color of a porter, but the finish is all hops. And they aren’t burning and scouring hops; they’re more intense than your average bear-so appropriate for style-but not so far that it turns people off from IPAs. The middle of the CDA is where things get complicated; a-
As I’m writing this up, the man I queried bout his beer comes up to offer me a taste of a La Fleur sour ale with black currants that he’d brought back from Chicago. I accept, because hey, a taste of sour ale? Why not! It’s a beautiful, juicy purple color and by golly it tastes like unripened blackberries. Definitely a beer for friends of mine who like sour ales. Me…well, I think I’d like to get back to this CDA…
Now, as I was saying, the middle of this CDA is where things get a little complicated. The roast malt makes an appearance, but because it isn’t sweet there isn’t as much to compensate for the pine and bitter flavors. Because the finish isn’t too bitter, there is some sweetness, so the medley of flavors is interesting.
I think this is the first Pfriem beer I’ve had that I’ve had something good to say about and I hope that’s a good sign for the new year.

Today’s second pint goes to Donate Ayuda: Puerto Rico because they still don’t have power and we shouldn’t forget those Americans.

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