Common Ales: Deschutes Jubleale

38299974104_2a63dc620a_cWith winter fast approaching and having recently made a winter warmer, I thought it would be good to try some of the winter seasonals. We start with Deschutes’ Jubelale winter ale. This has a faint molasses note to it in the nose, right behind the roasted quality. A near burnt caramel scent is what that roast reminds me of. The label says toffee and that’s probably a better word. As it warms up though, a new scent comes out, almost like chocolate frosting. Surprisingly sweet.

It’s a damn pretty beer, deep amber color that’s almost but not quite see through.

The flavors are an interesting blend of touches of chocolate and molasses, all overpowered by a more intense and a little burnt roast malt. I do get minute dark fruit- dates, I think, but it’s quiet and in the background. It’s not bad but I’m just not sure I’m all about this. Again, as the beer warms up, the roasted qualities soften and the beer gets a bit sweeter, in a banana-ish way. There’s a little spiciness too-the beer gets more complex as it warms I’m still not quite convinced here but I can totally see someone else loving it.

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