Whatever You Say 3/Second Pint Spread the Vote

37948562955_b8eb556486_cTonight’s beer is 10 Barrel’s Femme de la Rouge-Belgian-style wild are w/cherries aged in oak barrels, which I’m drinking at Bailey’s. It’s interesting for me to have this beer, because I don’t willingly order 10 Barrel now: they’re owned by ABInBev. However, these are unusual circumstances.

This beer is tart! Really tart, tasting like unripe cherries. So those come through like gangbusters. It’s also really dry on the finish, making my mouth pucker. It was the choice of a woman next to me, visiting from Kansas City. She flew up with her boyfriend to see a concert and visit friends; they ended up at Bailey’s because he forgot to buy tickets to the concert. Without the tickets, the couple ended up visiting friends they knew and then coming to try the local beers.
I find this story to be utterly charming. How can I not love this? Plans that don’t quite work out & they make the best of it? Neither of them seemed too out of sorts and it’s nice to see people getting along.
I asked about the beer scene in KC and she said that on the Missouri side it’s pretty good. Smaller places are popping up (Martin City, the boyfriend chimes in, and she nods, repeating) so it’s coming along. But nothing like here.
I admit to her we’re spoiled. It makes rating beers difficult because if I was in a place without all these options, I would be so glad to get some options. Her boyfriend is drinking the Boulevard Winter Warmer, and I ask him how it is. He tells me he really likes it. I mention to him that I just brewed one today with my friend Miranda, so I was thinking about trying it, just to get a baseline for comparison.

“It’s a really good example of the style, I think,” he replies. So maybe I’ll give it a sip, next.

Today’s second pint goes to Spread the Vote.

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