Why It’s Never Just Beer

My friend Miranda sent me this article saying “this seems to be in your wheelhouse”.

Yes, yes it is.

Because beer is a personal connection to the world that a lot of people have. (One of many, I hope). It’s not just a consumable product, it’s one that people have together; people talk about the first time they had a beer with their dad, or they bring out beer to celebrate or mourn and they do it with each other.

I do not live in a vacuum; nobody does. We live in a world that we have to interact with and have an impact on. This means that decisions are made, all the time, that can have a greater impact on us and sometimes we don’t even care about those decisions until they hit home.

So the ability to sit down with a beer that you can afford, that isn’t contaminated by bad water, malt, hops or yeast, that isn’t owned by a monopoly that forces its choice on you instead of your choice for yourself, is the kind of thing that can hit people where they live. It should matter to everyone what the monopolies do-not just in beer, but tech, food, media; the list goes on. But beer-like most food-helps connect people.

I think it’s important to be aware of the forces that mega corporations bring to bear on our lives and if the consumption of beer is the way people get there, then I’m all for it. Because it isn’t-and can’t ever be-solely about the beer.

Although there are days when I wish it could be.



2 thoughts on “Why It’s Never Just Beer”

  1. That’s a good article. The actual physical liquid beer volume (even when it is 60% of the market) doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the fingers and tentacles in everything else, from distribution to marketing to reviewing… sneaksy Hobbits…

    1. Absolutely! But since it all relates, I just don’t know that you can separate the tentacles. I think you gotta cut them off.

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