A Common Requiem 6\Second Pint Emily’s List

38218092161_74c0d28a33_cThe Kolossos has a lot of qualities I would expect from an imperial stout: dense mouthfeel, lots of roast flavor, a hint of chocolate, so dark no light escapes. There’s something else too, something I can’t quite put my finger on. It might be the orange zest, but there’s a zip to this beer that gives it a little lightness, a lift that prevents it from weighing down on my tongue.

Something that doesn’t weigh me down is good, given the weight of the week. A tax plan that is, quite frankly, pernicious and cold-hearted it its determination of how funds should be allocated is being sold to the public. People will suffer and quite likely die as a result of this theft from the larger public to the wealthy.

Which sucks, and it isn’t even what frightens me most.

No, what frightens me the most right now is that the rule of law will not prevail. That the special council appointed to prove what we have known all along, that Trump is a corrupt man who is likely supported by foreign interests, will come forward with the evidence and the response from the powers that be will be: ….so? We still get our tax cut, right?

I fear for my country and its citizens should that come to pass. We’re supposed to be in this together, we’re supposed to draw our strength from the many, for truth and justice. We’re supposed to, when things get challenging, represent the dream.

That dream is tied into justice, into fairness. Even when it fails-and to list the failures would take more than my lifetime to recount-we are supposed to right that ship. Sometimes, Americans even do right the ship. We have asked certain people to safeguard those ideals in law, because we can’t do it all the time.

They appear to be failing us, because they want money. All the money; not just some and for some reason, a reasonable percentage of my fellow citizens believe that the  greed of those men won’t swallow them, too. As though greed worked any other way.

It’s difficult to see when or how justice will prevail. I would like it to prevail without having to see my country tear itself apart.

That feels dark. Darker, even, than the Kolossos. And it won’t allow for a bit of orange zest to come through as it warms up. No, those thoughts just get colder.

I saw Thor: Ragnarok last weekend and I liked it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a film about the end of the world had hope. Because, as the movie tells us, ‘Asgard is its people’. Those people carry the traditions, rules and hopes alive. There was hope because when confronted with the impossible, the heroes moved towards it because, in Thor’s words: ‘That’s what heroes do.’

Maybe it’s a good time to go home and remember that America is its people, too. And if we want better results, we ought to put better people in charge. That we can and should demand that our leaders be heroes.

Today’s second pint goes to Emily’s List. I hope everyone votes tomorrow.

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