Respite 46\ Second Pint Snopes

36000935031_17e6575a69_c“What’s a grisitte?” I ask, and from behind the bar Scotty says something to the effect of “what lagers are for miners, grisittes are for farmhands.” Well, while I don’t often drink similes, I figure I’ll give anything a shot once.

Engine House No 9’s Petite Belle Grisitte; is a farmhouse influenced saison. What I mean by that is, it’s got that funkiness in the nose and an interesting creaminess on the finish that I wouldn’t expect but the spice note is subtle and…this is just damn tasty. I got a small pour because I didn’t know what to expect and now I’m wishing I’d gotten a big one.

This is going to be a pretty exciting week: I’ve got an interview with the owner of Bailey’s to put up on Wednesday, in preparation for their 10th Anniversary event, then the review of the Oregon Brewer’s Fest on Friday!

For today then, I’m going to relax. My friend Noah is here and we’re going to play some Magic. I’m going to do my best to just enjoy this evening because after that, I’m very busy for the next seven days.

The Second Pint is going towards helping Snopes stay open. I know that isn’t a nonprofit but the work they do helping debunk false stories is incredibly important. More information on that here.

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