Respite 42/Second Pint-First Book

35420098961_b0c4e40beb_kSt Archer‘s double IPA is my selection for tonight. Let’s get into that before we do anything else because today’s post is heavier than usual.

The nose is a little skunked and the bitterness on the finish is very, very unusual. It isn’t dirty and it’s very potent, but it has a stale quality, as though they attempted to cover up the old hops with an extra alcoholic beverage. The midrange has an orange gummi drop quality but that isn’t the kind of thing that really ties it all together. As the beverage warms up, a distinct flavor of onion makes itself known. I am not very impressed and I’m wondering if something happened to this beer in transit, like it was exposed to high temps in a warehouse, because it isn’t holding up very well.

Last week, I, with many other Americans watched a man get murdered by the police. A murder that was approved of by a jury.

There really isn’t anything meaningful I can add to that.

It is just another horrific thing on top of a year of horrors, cruelty, and greed, and it makes me wonder; how long do the powers that be think that poor and persecuted citizens can be repressed like this? How long can ordinary people look at others and believe: you deserve punishment because you exist?

What happens when we experience the event that breaks the country’s spirit?  What does that rage look like?

Because we know that the injustice is flowing from the top down. And as Richard Pryor said, “If you go down there looking for justice, that’s what you’ll find…just us.”

Which, in my mind, means one of the most frightening things I can imagine: we will turn on each other. What other option will people take, when one group is OK with the outright murder of people who aren’t like them?

I have to say; if I have a hope, it is that Americans will find a way through this. If I have a goal this year -hell, every year- it is to try and encourage people to help each other so that we can get through this before we look upon our fellow citizens as the “other” and begin to behave accordingly.

Today’s second pint is for First Book, giving books to kids.

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