Respite 40\Second Pint The Guardian

35097521372_daa3507576_cRiverbend: Life’s a Peach, Then You Die. IPA with peaches, lactose and vanilla.

The nose has a bit of grassiness to it, the peach flavors are providing a little tartness, the vanilla is subtle, like a line of sand at the beach. You have to look for it. The finishing bitterness takes a stand but isn’t overwhelming by any means. That’s just a tasty beer. Try it if you have the opportunity.

Living in America is weird right now, for anyone paying attention. This is because the country is, for all intents and purposes, ungovernable.

I can’t think of a situation that comes close. While I’m not an avid student of history, I am not ignorant of it and I just can’t come up with anything like it in American history to this point.

The cities are in outright refusal to deal with federal directives-think ICE or the Paris Accord. The Executive Branch is manned by liars of a new level, their allegiance to the untruth matched only by their backstabbing ineptitude. The Legislative Branch is getting an earful from the citizens like never before, yet is behaving with all the bravery of a mouse, all the spine of an octopus and all the heart of a mosquito. The press, allegedly the fourth branch of government is mummified, arising to do journalism stiffly, moaning, not having really done their job for twenty five years. We’re hoping that they get the blood pumping through their atrophied muscles soon because we need them to be the hounds of hell again.

What are we to do in the face of such outrageous cowardice and abuses of power? How do you bring enlightenment to a situation where their eyes are focused so doggedly on 1950 instead of 2050? There isn’t a prescription for that myopia.

More importantly, I think we should ask this question: how do we preserve what is best about America, about the R&D lab that we represent, while moving our arc further towards justice?

Because this situation is untenable. Everyone who is paying attention has to know it. This is very much about who we want to be as a country: do we want to continue pushing towards a culture that (slowly, oh so slowly) elevates the weakest amongst us, or not?

And I don’t have an answer except for this:

Stark: How were you guys planning on defeating that?

Rogers: Together.

Stark: We’ll lose.

Rogers: Then we’ll do that together, too.

Today’s second pint goes The Guardian for the journalism.

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