Respite 36/Second Pint LTT

33702900343_ad8c2474a4_kI saw Patton Oswalt perform last week and it was a pretty weighty show. Part of that was because, as a savvy, topical comic, he spent the first half of his show talking about the state of the nation…and the state of the nation is pretty scary.

The second half was spent telling us about how he has been coping with his new status as a widower and single parent.

After that, I deserve a beer.

Sixpoint‘s Puff is an imperial IPA and I’d call it a definite success from them. Leans into the citrus flavors but doesn’t go too far, sweet in the middle but not cloying, the finish is bitter but not scouring.

Well done, fellows. I like this. I recommend it after seeing weighty comedy.

To his credit, Mr. Oswalt managed to make the heartbreaking, funny and the scary, silly. This was despite, in my eyes, still being in a very raw place. He was savagely funny where he could be, deft of phrase where necessary and consistently encouraged us to join him on this trip, instead of standing defiant.

Nevertheless, I felt wrung out when it was over. Certainly, some of that was due to laughing for ninety minutes-that kind of exertion will do it to anyone-but it was rarely the joyous kind of laughter, the celebratory kind.

It hurt and the audience, under Mr Oswalt’s direction, decided that laughter was better than sobbing.

To tell the truth, I’m not sure that I have anything else to say after that. People are scared. I am scared. Every day, it seems like there is another reason to be afraid. Afraid for the health of ones we love our ourselves. Afraid for the legal status of fellow citizens. Afraid of the pernicious, downright evil streak of cruelty that is revealed what feels like every day amongst the political leadership.

And laughing is better than sobbing.

Today’s second pint goes to the Live Through This project.

Full disclosure: I know the person in charge of LTT. She’s awesome.

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