Respite 35\Second Pint Wilderness Society

34343703916_50b458ec17_cThe Clown Shoes Space Cake imperial IPA is something I am actually pretty pleased with. To my surprise, really. Grapefruit nose and a hearty swing of bitterness on the finish, but there is a great caramel sugary sweet note in between those. I’m glad I got to try this in single glass format instead of buying a six pack because a brewery named Clown Shoes does not, for me at least, inherently inspire confidence. But I’ve seen it in the stores-so maybe it’s time to try more!

I realized as I was putting this post together that I forgot to get a Friday post up for the second week running! That’s pretty embarrassing, especially after last week’s post where I told people that I was posting M-W-F.

Sorry about that. I had taken the day off and it just slipped my mind.

“Every time Mercury goes into retrograde, someone I know has a mental health breakdown,” I overhear.

I have to resist the very loud ‘oh, what horseshit’ voice that wants to come out. Especially since I did just forget to get blog posts up two weeks running. Maybe the stars are messing with my head?

I don’t think they are but there is a very tiny realm of possibility. Also, those two fellows are drinking water and this is suspicious to me on a deep level that I’m not entirely certain about. Like, ‘why is there different here?’

It doesn’t take much, does it? We’re pattern noticing machines, so anything that isn’t like us quickly becomes the Other and we wonder what the hell is going on there? When the reality is, there’s nothing wrong with meeting publicly and having some water. It’s none of my business and they aren’t harming anyone any more than the cliche level hipsters (seriously, how can all four of you have that level of hipster beard….something is different there…) on the other side talking about which video game they played was the scariest (Dead Space 2 and Alien: Isolation were heavy contenders).
Or the dude in the blanket-as-a-cape. I mean sure, that’s unusual. Where’s the clasp for that cape, man? C’mon. Have some respect for the superhero tradition.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to let this go. I’ve got a beer and tools to write with, which is distraction enough. Plus, one might argue that there are larger issues that I need to pay attention to and they would not be wrong.

Still, in the interest of disclosure, I don’t believe the stars are messing with my head: I just blew it. Best to take responsibility and get back on schedule, rather than shrug my shoulders because the planets are spinning. Planets spin and the rain falls on the just and the unjust.

My job is to do the work and fortunately for me, the work involves finishing this beer. At least for right now.

That’s an OK job, even if I’m paying someone to do it.

Today’s second pint goes to The Wilderness Society.

2 thoughts on “Respite 35\Second Pint Wilderness Society”

  1. If you’re drinking Clown Shoes beer, you can expect the other to show up. Mercury in retrograde creating an increase in mental health issues and you blowing it are not mutually exclusive, In that bar, are you “the other?”… & other observations …

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