Respite 33/Second Pint Campaign Zero

Alesong‘s “Here Comes The Sun” dry hopped Bier de Mars with citrus and spices was my pick, based on the advice from the bartender. Sometimes I have to do that: ask for ideas or help or recommendations. There’s too much information and I can only sort through so much of it.

33941367962_13a1c684d6_cI’m not picking up much nose on this one and I’m unsure if it’s because this beer doesn’t have much scent coming off of it, or because it’s offering things that I’m not sensitive to. I try again and get something a little musty, farmhousey and then faintly tart, an undertow and for a moment I’m worried that I’ve gotten something sour and sour things don’t treat my stomach very well.

But it isn’t. A little spicy, a little dry, it’s got a really tactile finish, forcing me to ripple my tongue to the roof of my mouth so I can get enough spit around to moisten everything again.

I’m not sure it’s for me. I am positive that this beer is for someone because I have friends who like this flavor profile. It’s possible that if I was drinking this beer in July, I might have a more positive reaction to it.

As it stands, I’m not there.

Which is OK; I asked for a suggestion and I got one. Sometimes, you have to adventure out into the unknown.

Today’s second pint goes to Campaign Zero.

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