Respite 30\Second Pint PRM

32840384074_6686d9cd80_cFeels like I’ve been out a lot this week! Good time for a Breakside Mo’ Trouble Pale, a west coast pale made with Citra, Mosaic and Chinook hops, which I am writing down so that the next time I make a pale ale, I include those hops.

Because I like this beer. The nose has a gentle forest pine scent, the finish a solid but not crazy dank finish and I don’t notice the Citra too much at all. Just enough, is how it goes.

I like the way this beer looks, too: a little more amber than your standard pale and extremely bright. Whatever the marketing for NE IPAs want to say, clearer beers generally look more inviting.

I’m glad I can see it, too. My vision is broken without corrective lenses and I am lucky enough to be able to afford the insurance to cover the costs of doctor’s appointments and glasses or contacts. Stuff that could incur a considerable debt on me if I didn’t have insurance, because in America, heath insurance is currently arm-in-arm with health coverage.

The thing is, without insurance to see the doctor, my vision gets worse. Maybe I cannot afford yearly checkups to ensure my vision is correctly compensated for or worse, perhaps I cannot afford correction at all.

Without glasses, I am functionally blind. I cannot read or drive. Full stop, no questions, no nothing. I am a danger to other people if I cannot see and my ability to see is inextricably linked to whether or not I have healthcare. With the ability to see, I can make myself useful.

Without that, I need help to function.

Which is one example of why I am glad that the AHCA failed last week and failed hard. By any objective metric, that act would have diminished coverage for Americans and made health insurance-which, as I’ve noted, is currently linked with coverage, so if you don’t have one, you don’t get the other-more expensive and thus further out of reach for people.

“The rich stay healthy, the sick stay poor,” as the song goes.

I don’t think that’s the way it should be or has to stay. And I don’t think there is any reason why any American should be without healthcare. So I hope the citizens of my country continue to voice their demands for a better place to live. Because the ACA isn’t even close to perfect and the streak of callousness our leadership has towards the citizens is appalling.

Today’s Second Pint goes to the Portland Rescue Mission.

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