Respite 28/Second Pint CORA

33264539002_e850b395aa_cWe’ll kick this off with Base Camp’s NW Amber. This is unfortunately named, because as an experienced beer drinker in the NW, when I see the initials NW incorporated in any beer’s name, I presume that it is hopped, moreso than the style would normally allow.

You can blame the IPA phenomenon on this, of course, and you would be correct. Nevertheless, if you are in the heart of hoppy beer country, you’d damn well ought to know what it means when you add NW to a name.

Now that this nomenclature complaint h as been filed, I can tell you that this beer lacks much in the nose but has a nice run of malt flavor, sliding to the roasted side of caramel. It doesn’t feel heavy though; lots of effervescence pops along the tip of my tongue and brushes the beer away, preparing for the next pull from the glass.

I am also noticing a very tiny stripe of lemon in that finish. Perhaps this is the hop influence that the NW is meant to indicate? It’s pleasant so far, though.

As the beer gets a little warmer, a banana flavor rears its head from under it all. This…is a plus and a minus. The mouthfeel gets smoother, softer, like a banana, but the flavor gets…also like a banana and no, that is not what we want. So I suppose I recommend the first third of this pint and not the last two-thirds.

A friend of mine, inspired by National Women’s Day, started a small fundraiser for a local non-profit. The goal isn’t too high, $500, but she started the way most of us do when it comes to tasks we can’t do on our own; she asked people to help her.

There is a lot of power in an ask. Marketers have been trying for centuries to perfect the ask in such a way that people will have an autoresponse and just do their bidding.

Humans are tricky though. We tend to not want to just do someone’s bidding. Resent and spite pop up frequently when any kind of servitude is involved. That isn’t to say we can’t be manipulated by con men -a great deal of people clearly have been- but the thing about a con is that eventually, you either have to produce the goods or disappear.

An ask, though. That’s got a different kind of power and I’m going to extend the hypothesis that its power comes from truth. An ask is genuine. We’ve all been in a position where we could use some kind of help and I’d bet that many of us have been in a position where there wasn’t anyone to help us, or perhaps we were compelled to ask a stranger because there wasn’t anyone else.

Asking strangers for things is scary, to me. I don’t like doing it. But I do like to help.

So I am. Because someone is asking me to.

Second pint goes to CORA.

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