Respite 26/Second Pint Earthjustice

33152364625_8a148bd71f_cThere is a new Bailey’s Hausbier! All Gold Everything, made in collaboration with Baerlic brewing. And…yeah, it’s a golden ale! There’s a definite grainy quality to the beer, especially on the finish. Not much of a hop characteristic at all: the nose is quite malty and there is just the barest nudge of bitterness on that finish. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just pixie dust’d the beer with hops.

They did a pretty good job of bringing out the malt quality, considering this is a 4.8% beer. I would’ve expected a stronger ale but as is, it’s good news on what has been a less awesome day.

I went 1-3 today at a card tournament. I know; it was just a game but every time I do an event like this and it goes poorly, there’s always the letdown phase.

This letdown phase has been made worse by current events. Just the nature of things, but when someone in power says “We’re here to deconstruct the state” and you can point to posting after posting of people unfit to do their job, in a position that requires them to do their job properly…well, those loses add up.

It’s hard. Because we can point to a time in America where the EPA didn’t exist and needed to. There was a time when childhood hunger was all but eliminated, back in the 60-70’s. Hell, the FCC had to ensure net neutrality laws just three years ago, in order for you to read this blog freely. They don’t seem interested in that anymore.

Every single institution that is there to support the people is being gouged away.

Defeat is a dickpunch. It hurts on multiple levels and it doesn’t get shaken off very easily. Ask the Atlanta Falcons. Or really, ask any American, any visitor to America who relies on civil human beings to get through their day, and doesn’t get one.

That’s why we need each other: just as we did not succeed alone, we are not defeated alone-although defeat is exemplary at making us feel isolated.

But isolated isn’t normal for people. That tracks, since America isn’t normal, right now.

Sometimes it is hard to sit here and do the work. I have no editors, no researchers, no advisors. I am fortunate enough to have friends who will tell me when I’ve misspelled a word and for that I am grateful. For readers, I am grateful. On days, or even weeks, of defeat though, it is hard to do the work.

But there are others doing more difficult work. I hope that those people do not work alone-because we are here for each other. That’s the only reason we are here. To toil alone against the forces of greed is not normal-and I hope it is not common, either.

Today’s second pint goes towards Earthjustice.

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