Seattle Early 2017 visit 1

I had an unfortunate reason to be in the Seattle area a couple weeks ago but, my misfortune is your reading material! While I was there, I found a new local bottle shop, Imbibe, where I acquired many of the beers I’ll be talking about over the next two posts. I liked their shop and look forward to going back. Anyway, here are my mildly edited notes!

Iron Horse; IPA-nice nose, with pine in there but tasted papery, think I got an old bottle. (Note, I bought this from a local Fred Meyer).


Bainbridge Brewing; Eagle Harbor IPA-feels a bit old school NW IPA. The body is a little thin, making room for the piney hop forward nose and flavors.

Odin Brewing; Thor’s Equinox-dark Belgian. Not sure if the blend of styles works for me. There’s a little roasted quality, little Belgian funk together and I am not loving it. But I think someone else might enjoy it more.

Top Rung; 360 Red-very malty, with a great roasted flavor running through the finish. I like it, as the roasted quality gives it some dimension.

Black Market Brewing; Deception blonde ale with lime and coconut. The lime quality is very strong. It isn’t…bad but definitely wants Thai or Mexican food to pair with. By itself, I wouldn’t want a second.

32627523171_214ced6459_cEel River; Emerald Triangle IPA. Dank. Very dank. But as readers may recall, I like this flavor and I miss it, overwhelmed as I am by grapefruit IPAs. Tasty stuff, which finishes very crisply.

Northwest Brewing; Crazy Bitch DIPA. Nose is nice and floral, then moves towards pine. The finishing flavor is really really bitter-like chewing on spruce needles. I’d be a lot more OK with this bitter final punch if there was something to counter it a little. Also, the name bothers me.



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