Respite 23/Second Pint UCS

31940690133_89b9e67933_cMy impression of Nectar Ales’ Black Xantus imperial stout: Chocolate liquor. It’s straightforward and there’s nothing wrong with that. A nice combination of coffee, dark chocolate and a dry finish. This is definitely a beer that my Dad would like.

The nose has a hit of that alcohol pungent and I think that’s what’s keeping me from really raving about the beer. It’s just medicinal enough that I shy away from it. Plus, there is a last gasp of alcohol burn on the very last swallow.

It’s good. It’s not perfect. But it’s definitely good.

I read this essay on tolerance last week and it got me thinking. For those of you who don’t want to read it, the long and short is: Tolerance functions like a peace treaty. Disregarding that treaty opens you up to a whole mess of problems-often violent ones.

So when you have a President who decides he can ignore the law and disrespect his fellow citizens, people get angry and start doing things to make him look bad. Because as it turns out, you need a whole lot of people to run America. That’s why we have bureaucracy. Pissing those people off by doing shitty, illegal, ill advised things breaks the treaty.

This is why we have rogue NASA, NPS and POTUS twitter accounts. There’s a rogue DoD account for the love of Pete!

And while part of me approves of this in a Fight Club sense, I have a greater concern.

How do we rebuild the treaty? I think this is what is holding many Democratic representatives in Congress back. Maybe holding a lot of people back. Once the treaty is broken, you’re at each others’ throats, either metaphorically or physically, until one of you admits defeat.

That worries me. It worries me quite a bit. Resistance in the face of evil is necessary and that resistance will stretch the limits of those treaties. I hope we do not have to rend the treaties of America to win it.

The second pint today goes to the Union of Concerned Scientists.


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