Respite 22/Second Pint Dr W/O Borders

This might get a little weird, so if it seems like I’m asking for the reader’s indulgence, I am, and I apologize in advance.

Because it’s been a fucked up week in America. I don’t use the term lightly, despite being a devotee of swearing (seriously, my parents are probably a little disappointed with how much I swear) but I want to make it very clear to readers near, far, familiar or strangers: this has been a fucked up week in America.

And while I have been very, very angry about what has been happening (and also partaking in schaudenfreaude at moments) I don’t exactly have…

I do have something to say but it isn’t quite the same. Please do not mistake the next statement as one that dismisses or makes light of what is going on.

I want you to take a break.

See this beer? An India Session Ale called Enabler by Tripplehorn Brewing.

It’s a little skunky in the nose but not too strong. There isn’t much body there, though, which for an india session ale isn’t too surprising. The finish is pretty dry though, which is a little surprising. It isn’t a bad thing however; that dry quality encourages another sip. You should have one-one with people who matter to you.

I want you to remember, as good acquaintance said recently, that you matter. You don’t need to justify your struggle to make the world a better place for the planet, or the children, or the elderly, or the disenfranchised, or persecuted-all excellent reasons, though.

You can work to make it a better place for you to make a better self.

That work is hard. It wears on the spirit. It wears on the body. It hurts. A friend who recovered from breast cancer said about her treatment, ‘I felt fine until they started to cure me’. Most of this work is like that-you believe you are fine until you start to fix yourself.

So, come down. Sit. Have a beer with me. We can talk politics if you like but if you want to talk about your husband/wife/job/children/random shit: man, I’m in. Rainbows. The last joke you heard. I’ll tell you when I had to play “where’s the tarantula” which was my least favorite game ever.

Because the work has come upon us. And if there is anything Americans are up for, it’s work, motherfucker. You give us a job and we will work it so hard there won’t even be a job left to do, except by some machine that we’ve dubbed ‘Mickey II: Boogaloo’, in order to allow us to enjoy  more time NOT working.

However, to do work you need rest. There are not many calls for people to take care of themselves and each other, right now. Especially when a lot of people are truly, desperately afraid and we know we have to fight.

So I am making that call. Not because I want to devalue the work, but because I want to see you here on the day that the work bears fruit. Joyful, even if you are worn.

Because I know that we are being assaulted and will need time to recover, so we can go back and fight the good fight again. The good fight will always need to be fought.

Still, at least for today, remember what matters. We’ll get back on it at sunrise, promise.

Today’s second pint goes to Doctors Without Borders.

2 thoughts on “Respite 22/Second Pint Dr W/O Borders”

  1. I have upped my meditation practice, and it pays off in making time in the real world slow down a bit, if you will, so i can better decide where to place my time and actions and dollars, and meet the needs of those around me in ways they need and want rather than primarily in ways that are easiest for me. And it pays off in making it easier to eat well and exercise, giving me the energy and focus to concentrate, and to pay attention, and to listen. And it makes having the conversations you describe easier and more joyful.

    Cheers to you!

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