Respite 21/Second Pint AttyOTM

32106059320_6e04886733_cThis is Magnolia’s Dark Star. Had on cask, this English dark mild goes easy on the chocolate in the front end; nose, initial taste- then drops a depth charge of coffee in the middle. After that, it’s all cleaned out by a very dry finish. Remarkably so: my whistle feels dryer when I drink this, instead of wetter. I do recommend it but in the small glass for myself. Putting down an entire pint of this might rob my entire mouth of saliva.

I walked downtown to Bailey’s tonight, the night of the beginning of President Twitter, a helicopter hovering over downtown as I did so. When helicopters hover, it always feels like a bad sign. When they sliiiiide through the air sideways, a dancer in socks on hardwood, it feels weird. So, bad and weird, and I’m walking towards it.

At one point, I walked by cop cars lined up like gray gumdrops, four in a row, waiting for something to do. Eventually, I saw three trucks, cops hanging on the sides of them, like old-timey firefighters, rushing towards…something with riot gear on. When I was done with my drink, I wanted to walk over the Burnside bridge but could not, as the police had blocked it off to all traffic. Despite this, my walk to the east side, while lengthier, was quiet while being disquieting.

Here’s what I think we should do: We should buddy up. Like we used to in grade school, when field trips took us out of the classroom.

The citizens of America are faced with a powerful force, one backed by money, guns and a disturbingly sick culture, with a callous vision of the county best summarized by, “Fuck you, I got mine and if you don’t have that, it’s not just your problem, it’s your fault.”

The only way we are going to survive such selfishness is to buddy up. To look out for each other. Maybe you do it via social media groups, or your church or your union, maybe you’re in bars, or book clubs. It’s likely to be quiet, this partnership. Kindnesses spread in as many quiet ways as possible. Because we have to do this for a long time, maybe forever but at least for four years-and quiet kindnesses are sustainable.

This week’s second pint goes to Attorney On The Move.

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