Common Ales: 21st Amendment Sneak Attack

21st Amendmend SaisonIt’s odd to see a saison in the winter-which, according to the marketing from 21st Amendment, is entirely the point. It certainly is a change of pace from all the stouts that tend to fill the shelves during winter, so I went for it.

Earthly and peppery in the nose. I don’t often reach for the word “peppery” because I often associate it with something spicy, or olfactorally reactionary.

But for a saison, it’s pretty appropriate. Citrus could exist in the style but I’m glad 21st Amendment went for the more farmhousey, earthy version. It finishes quite dry and very crisp, approximating a nice white wine.

It’s also a welcome relief from all of the dark ales that have shown up this winter. Don’t get me wrong: I love dark ales and this time of year is when many exceptional beers appear, as I said. But contrast matters and I don’t know that I could ask for a better one than this. Recommended.

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