Seattle 2016 (pt 2)

30625505974_8db797aa14_cLet’s just get to it.

Cloudburst: Tigers and Lazerbeams IPA- This beer is not shy about it’s grapefruit influences; the nose is full of it and from about 3/4 of the way on through a sip and well after the bubbles have cleared away, the grapefruit element is very strong. Too much, honestly: this isn’t just hoppy bitterness, it’s including the rind of the fruit and that’s just excessive for me. I don’t think it’s flawed but it also isn’t balanced either and while I can see this appealing to someone, I wouldn’t ask for another.

Holy Mountain: King’s Head double oat brown ale- I don’t pick up much nose but WOW is this a smooth, tasty beverage. The mouthfeel is luscious and has chocolate going on, with a thread of raisin under it. It’s really, really good.

30658619343_d645da573e_cRuben’s brews: Life On Mars double IPA- The nose has a really solid fruity nose, lemon, orange with the inevitable grapefruit in there too. But there’s a really solid body in this beer, a great sweetness that is stepping in like a smiling host before introducing the counterbalance of the bitterness. I have to say, I’m really I pleased with this and hoping I can see more of Ruben’s brews soon.

Old Schoolhouse Brewery: Hooligan Stout- so much coffee in the nose, it’s got a whiff of gasoline, as though there’s something oily about this beer. The beer itself adds a nice punch of chocolate though to keep things balanced. It’s not too sweet by any measure; bitter notes of both coffee and cocoa show up to finish the beer off. It’s n to overwhelming though, which is nice. The mouthfeel is, in a rare instance for me, something that could go either way. I can see the argument that it’s just thick enough to call itself a stout, but another that says it’s not quite there. I’m going to let this one pass.

31351696551_c7a05e04fc_cWingman: Dark Waters Imperial Stout- Let’s just admit that I am going to have a very, very difficult time resisting a beer with a label like that. There’s a green Chuthlu on it. But at 10%, it really doesn’t taste like it. The addition of chilies provides this beer with a very interesting element, because the spice element is very subtle. However that spice touch might blunt the feeling of potency there. Setting that aside, there is a big old chocolate ribbon of flavor through this. It’s not overly sweet by any means but it also doesn’t have the kind of unsweetened cocoa flavor that I’ve picked up on many beers. It’s pretty damn good though.

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