Seattle 2016 (interlude)

At the Parkway, where my Dad and I had lunch, I got to have more beer and an interesting conversation.

“Resistance is good,” he’s telling me, “resistance is going to be vital. And we’re going to have to be brave, because it’s going to involve getting hit. Or at least the willingness to take a hit.”

I am worried: this is not something my Dad has had to tell me…ever, that I can recall. I know he’s right though, so I’m not sure which is more concerning: that he’s right, or that he’s never had to tell this to me.

30658518283_52877a3d30_c(Holy Mountain: Deadfall barleywine- maple in the nose, woody. It has some chocolate liqueur flavors which lingers on the finish, giving me a nice but unusual ending to the beer.)

“And to do it, we’re going to have to make sure we’re reading and informing ourselves as best we can.” Which I’m good with, because one of the rules my parents have instilled in me is how important learning is. I’ve been trying to keep myself engaged for awhile now; this is just a different level.

(Old School House: Awakening IPA- nose isn’t very strong but there’s a very pleasant piney finish on it, that I like. I want to keep drinking this beer.)

“However,” he eventually says, “it can’t just be about the resistance. You have to give people something to work for.”

“Like, a dream?”

“Exactly: people don’t want to work against. They want to work for and it’s going to be up to you to help articulate a vision that keeps people engaged beyond ‘resist’.”

Well. Is that all.

(Alpine: Pure Hoppiness IPA- I don’t get much nose on this and the finish is really rough on my palate. Not quite dirty, but not well offset; it’s like munching a raw hop without anything to counter it. I don’t want the rest of this and I only ordered a schooner.)

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