Seattle 2016 (pt 1)

While in Seattle for the holiday, I had enough time to try some new beers! Between the recommendations I got from the Beer subreddit and Tacoma’s Pint Defiance, I found a bunch of new things to taste. As always, the lightly annotated notes.

30658518873_99e6d2a404_cBellevue: IPA- nose is a little stale, like those hops were old. The beer has a kind of stale taste to it, too. Nothing crisp about it; the flavors want to linger on my tongue in a really unpleasant way.

It was so unusual that I poured out my glass, rinsed it, and poured the beer again to make sure I wasn’t out of my tree. But again; something almost stale, even meaty in that hop flavor and a little salty on the finish too. I don’t know what’s going on but something is severely wrong with this beer.

Kushan: Winter ale- maple and a little thin. There is a very strong chocolate flavor too but it just isn’t dense enough for me to enjoy.

31351651721_f3c9cc2611_cThree Magnets: Wreathing Havoc imperial red rye ale. The Winter Warmer effect that they want is right in front, with a big sundae sweet, banana and whip cream flavor. As it warmed up, there’s a little bit of cinnamon spice at the end.  Now, I can’t say that this is flawed, exactly, but I also couldn’t recommend it to anyone. Except that label is awesome.

Georgetown: Patrice Saville Belgian tripel- This is an interesting trick, because it’s sweet but the hops are trying to keep it all in check. I shared some with Jason who suggests there’s some whiskey reflected there and he’s not wrong-but in a good way.

Holy Mountain: Witchfinder Saison- The farmhouse nose is so strong I’m a little taken aback. The beer itself is OK. Certainly not as pleasant as the hype had lead me to believe. The finish is what really torques it to the negative: it’s lingering around the roof of my mouth like gray paper, and the brettanomyces isn’t really adding anything for me. This beer is expensive and I’m not happy with it and wondering if I got an old bottle.

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