Respite 14/Second Pint-SPLC

Ancestry’s Bourbon Barrel Tripel has a brown sugar nose, with a similar flavor going down. It’s very mild, with a touch of spiciness on the very finish. This may be one of the more dangerous beers I’ve encountered this year, as it’s 12% and incredibly smooth. I even forgot to take a picture of the beer! Just one of those things: I could’ve sworn I’d done it, but there’s no picture on my device. The beer is smoother than the author…

Yeesh. Better next time.

With it becoming clear to me that the President-Elect may be the most baldly corrupt to exist in my lifetime, if not perhaps in American history, I am thinking about how to resist normalcy, when that resistance has to be long term?

Because we’re about to enter a cloud and once the cloud exists for long enough, we’ll start to think we always lived in the cloud. That’s human nature and it’s how we’ve put up with-or adapted to-a lot of things, be they horrific or amazing.

I don’t have to resist amazing things though. The fact that people carry computers in their pocket that give them access to pretty much the entirety of human knowledge isn’t something that I have to fear.

The normalization of corruption, fear and hate is something I fear. So how do I prevent feeling like this cloud is something that I now accept, especially when I’m a year, or two years into this? I can’t just spent the next four years screaming that this is not normal.

First, I believe we have to listen to other people. There are those who have had to fight to emerge from the clouds to see the sun and they’ll have important stories to tell us about how to survive. There will also be others who will help remind us of what sunlight feels and looks like, what it does to us that makes life worth living and I’ll have to listen to those people too. Just as important, perhaps, we will have to remember our previous selves, so that when the clouds of this time penetrate our minds and challenge us, we can recall who we are, who we ought to be.

I read that donations made to the SPLC will be matched twice through Tuesday, Nov 29th because of Giving Tuesday. If someone gave me an Abyss beer for every Deschutes Black Butte porter I bought, I would buy every pint of Black Butte in the bar.

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