Common Ales: GoodLife’s Sweet As

30391178310_9db9fd4b41_cDocked right out of the gate because there is no such thing as Pacific ale. Am I being a snob; maybe. But do words mean something? Absolutely.

There’s a run of biscuit in the nose and I have to reach under that to get the slight hop scent, which is dank and marijuana-y. It’s not unpleasant but it doesn’t stand for anything, either.

This beer is on the vaguely sweeter side. There’s a not-unpleasant bitterness on the finish. The midrange of the beer is almost lager-like in its wispiness and I get the feeling that this is a beer trying to ghost its way through. Pleasant enough to be enjoyed, quiet enough to be ignored.

It’s a decent beer: I will give it that. I’d totally consider this with some nachos; something that would subdue spice but not interfere with the cheese.

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