Respite 12

It hasn’t quite been a week since enough of the citizens of my country to make it happen, made the decision to build a higher fence than a longer table. There are a lot of things I feel I ought to say about that, as it is very troublesome that someone whose rhetoric was so deeply, personally spiteful towards others was elected to the office of President. And I think I will say a few of them over this Vietnamese coffee stout by Alesmith, which is somehow managing to be both too sweet (in the middle) and too bitter (acrid coffee finish) for me to enjoy.

30869329922_51a94808e1_cUnfortunately, too many thoughts are trying to arrive. Too much to say and better voices are saying it right now. Maybe later, I will have something better to contribute but for now, I suppose I want to leave with this;

We build tables in order to drink beer…and come together to get work done, and we build fences in order to split things apart. I hope that there are more people interested in building -and defending people at– that table than there are in building the fence. Because there are people coming to smash the table to build the fence and we’ll need all the help we can get.






One thought on “Respite 12”

  1. The beer’s like the folks who voted for Trump. Feeling sweet but waiting to hit with their bitterness. Protect the tables with love, healing and peace.

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