Respite 10

Today, I feel I’m able to touch my theme in a more tangible way. I spent the first half of my day organizing beers for the Fall Classic. When I got home I did yardwork, cleaning up leaves until I broke the rake.

Now, I’m not much of one for Providence but if you break the rake, it’s time to stop doing yardwork. I cleaned up as best I could, of course: if you have to leave a job undone, you might as well tidy up as much as you can.

All of which is to say that today, more than others, I am taking a rest in a way that I don’t always feel: physical exhaustion.

That’s a pretty different feeling too. There’s an element of feeling entitled, I won’t deny it. “I did a bunch of work today, damnit: I have earned a beer.” That’s a pretty satisfying moment and it’s often very different from mental exhaustion. Mental exhaustion usually speaks to a weariness, at least for me. Instead of earning a beer, instead I feel that I deserve one.

30057177963_8b06097773_cAnd neither is wrong: I ain’t judging your reason for a beer. Sometimes you have earned it, and sometimes you deserve it and so long as it’s soothing your soul, neither of them are bad.

Today, the beer I deserve is the Yachats 804 Pils. Raw bread dough nose, with a veery tiny flick or that Pilsner funk on the end but it has a strong (for the style) dough flavor that reminds me, pleasantly, of Old Town’s Kolsch. The price point is off putting though: $6 for a pint of Pils is more expensive than I’m ready for.

On the other hand; this is a good beer in a style that isn’t easy to brew correctly. So I don’t feel cheated but I’d be reluctant to order another, given my options.

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