The Respite 9

I have arrived just in time: the late crowd follows me mere moments after I am seated and I’m lucky to have a place to settle down and write. I’m especially relieved to be at Bailey’s at the moment, because everywhere else I would go would have football on and televisions are detrimental to my focus.

I won’t be here long, though. Today is a brief moment out because I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia a few days ago and the treatment is making me feel nauseous. Still, it’s good to get out of the house for a moment and look at new walls. Plus, Bailey’s is so mellow right now, my inclination is to just kick up my heels and not write at all. I have a beer, I have people to observe and as a bonus, there was a beer festival at Bailey’s yesterday and today is when they bat cleanup on the beers that they didn’t finish out, so there are lots of interesting choices. So many, I’m almost inclined to try another.

30422794562_8ba7dc7a97_cLet’s talk about my current selection, the Claim 52: Not Everyone Wants To Be A Butterfly, India Pale Lager. I’ll admit: I bought it because the name was awesome.

It’s very lemony! Nose and finish both emphasizing that quality, with a pleasant sweet note in between it all. It is almost like a beer based lemon drop, without any tart notes. I like it quite a bit! Which is a pleasant surprise because I was not expecting to enjoy it much: IPLs are styles I am wary of.

That’s a pretty good day: having a decent beer and knowing I have other interesting options to choose.

So I’m going to make the hardest choice and go home. Don’t get me wrong, I would like another beer. Heck, even a second Claim 52 would be perfectly acceptable.

As much as I like beer though, I like not coughing and feeling sick more. Having the luxury to not push yourself is one that people should recognize every so often.

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