The Money Thing

Maybe you’ve noticed the Paypal button in the upper left. Maybe not. I don’t have much to say about it but what little I do, I feel I should just get said and be done with.

I’m not going to charge for premium content. Or make premium content. I’m not going to change the posting schedule. I’m not going to start hyping the button for money. I’m not going to do anything different from what I am doing or have been doing for the past eight years.

I believe that the work I do, and it is work, has value. I feel that I’ve demonstrated a reliable voice over a long period of time, so readers know that I’m not going to just evaporate if I get paid. Beer costs money, brewing supplies cost money, living costs money. If readers feel like kicking me a few bucks, awesome. If they don’t, that’s totally OK, too.

I’m not changing a thing, beyond the implicit statement that what I do has value and if people would like to give me money for it, that’s much appreciated.

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