The Respite 4


I’ve just come back from a few days away-this is why I didn’t have a post on the blog on Friday (sorry about that)-and I have fallen into the cliche of needing a vacation from my vacation.

People say that so often in America, I wonder if it’s just us or if this happens in other cultures too. I know we work a hell of a lot in this country: that our vacations have become work wouldn’t terribly surprise me.

It might just be a human thing, though. No where in the word “vacation” is the word “rest”. Instead of resting, we do more and more to try and get it all in and then when we return home, we want to collapse. Routine becomes our rest from the introduction of all those new vacation things.

Which feels really weird, right? I get that travel-and driving especially- is a draining activity. Not in a bad way but in a “I need to focus for extended time and that takes energy” manner. Though, if every time we take some time off to rest, we end up feeling like we need a break from that rest, it suggests that maybe we’re doing rest incorrectly.

I wouldn’t ever expect to do resting incorrectly: I incline towards laziness so I would’ve hoped to have not doing things to be something I’m pretty good at by now.

Yet, here I am, tired at the end of a weekend. I’ve come to NWIPA instead of Bailey’s because I can walk to this location and walking feels better than driving right now. I fully expect to be back at Bailey’s next week but since I’m a bit drained, walking felt like a much better decision tonight. Unfortunately, there’s something in the air here. A scent that’s waxy, meaty and vaguely herbal, and I can almost feel it sticking to me. The only break from that is to stick my nose in the beer. As relief goes, that’s not so bad.

The beer is Don’t Haze Me Bro by Great Notion. Citrus rind and grapefruit nose, a solid dollop of malt in the middle, with a citrus influence bite on the finish. The sweetness is almost enough to tilt this towards a soft drink: it’s nowhere near as sugary but it does have  more sweetness than I would have expected. It’s perfectly cromulent and I’d probably order another if it weren’t getting late.

But I’m really looking forward to going home and getting a break from my break. Which means I need to think about my vacations in a smarter way. What’s the point of doing something that’s supposed to be restful if it leaves you exhausted?

Nothing. So maybe it’s time to rethink these vacations into trips that are restful and trips that are active. The proper naming of a thing helps provide context and sets expectations, which makes it more manageable.

I like that idea.

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