Common Ales: Firestone Walker-Union Jack IPA

29525679832_ca9897596f_cFirestone Walker is a little pricey, but I’ve liked the flagship ales I’ve had from them. As a result, I was looking forward to the Union Jack, to see what they did for your day-to-day consumer.

The nose has a malt undercurrent, which is, unfortunately, the only place I pick that flavor up. The scent then heads towards grapefruit.

The finish tries to end clean with a swift melon taste and a nice effervescent bite. Buuuuut the bitterness kicks down the door after that and decides to stay awhile. It’s a good thing the nose has that malt running through it because this beer could run dangerously unbalanced. Not undrinkably so, more ‘less commercially viable’.

Which is an interesting experience: is Firestone looking for something to entice people who have already had plenty of commercial IPAs? “This is your next step” sort of attitude?

It’s definitely solid for someone who likes IPAs and wants more. Hesitant to recommend to someone who isn’t so sure about the style.


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