Spokane Brew Reviews 2

OK, it’s time to finish off the reviews of beers I picked up while in Spokane.

29165924752_9bdc28b425_cBig Barn Brewing-Mead Honey Lager: Yup, the sourish nose I’d expect from a lager is there but the body of the beer is sweet and light and the finish is a little peppery, along with the fizz. I think this is a pretty solid brew! And I’m a little surprised at that, given the nose.

Backwoods-Logyard IPA: Citrus and tropical fruit in the nose. Pineapple might capture this best. Hops appear to be floating in the beer. This isn’t a bad thing per se but it’s really unusual for a commercial ale! The beer itself is a touch thin and could use some sweetness in the middle to help balance out the hop bitterness that comes at the end. It isn’t bad, no no. I’d just prefer a little more body, personally.

29165925682_788aba5a77_cLaughing Dog brewery-Anubis Imperial Coffee Porter. The nose is like coffee liquor, as it comes with that background sweetness. The flavor is what I would guess a sweet roast of coffee would taste like. It also seems like a faint trickle of anise is there. All in all, I’d definitely recommend it for someone who likes coffee. For me, it’s a little rough on the finish, with the 9.2% ABV showing up in a slightly unpleasant manner.

Bitter Root Brewing-NW Pale ale: I like this scent because it’s piney, which is always a welcome relief from the usual. It’s got a lovely sweetness to it, reminds me a little bit of peaches. For such a light beer, that sweetness is surprising! But the bitterness isn’t too strong and this comes across as a very nicely balanced beer with some different flavor profiles happening. I dig it.

And that’s it for now! Time to get back to some of the Portland beers that are out there.

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